“Mom, . . . I just want to JAM!”



Solution! JamSessionz



a unique method of music instruction

Oh...and Moms, you'll love this- Music improves kids academic performance!



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In addition to JamSessionz, we offer private music instruction on the piano, bass, guitar, drums, voice, and other instruments. Arrangements can be made to teach one instrument one week and a different one the following week, as well as offering weekly or every other week instruction. We provide these options to accommodate the student's interests, budget, and schedule. Let us know what works best for you!



While JamSessionz teaches all the basics encompassing theory, rhythm, notes, scales, chords, etc., the emphasis is on “jamming” with the band, improvisation, tuning methods, vocals, and other group techniques. The band atmosphere enables each student to play in context with other instruments. Instruction accommodates individual abilities and style, so beginners through advanced players are welcome. This is not a disorganized “free-for-all"; a professional musician/record producer actively teaches and mentors each student.



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