Q:  What is JamSessionz?



AJamSessionz is a method of teaching music in a context learning experience.  Students are given the freedom to express themselves with their instrument by learning and playing with other musicians of all levels & styles.  Many develop the courage to venture out into a deeper expression and appreciation for music.



Q What is the difference between a JamSessionz lesson and a group lesson?



A:  The big difference is in the context learning experience.  Most group lessons instruct with one instrument.  JamSessionz is a learning experience where students learn and play with other students and different instruments, giving the student creative freedom with his/her music.

You can say that it is a "garage band" feel.  Instruments may include: drums, electric guitar, bass, keyboard, among others.



Q: Will this be a disorganized, free-for-all playtime for students?



A: On the contrary!  Each session is organized in three parts: 1. Preparation- this may include proper techniques in tuning, setting tones and volume, proper positioning, warm-ups, etc.  2. Lesson- this may include theory, technique, chords, scales, drills, and other activities.  3. Application- time to apply what you have learned and JAM!  Some students have brought in their original music to share with the group and play.  A hands-on professional instructor/musician leads the JamSessionz.



Q:  Why are JamSessionz (group lessons) 1 hour long?



A:  In context learning, the student engages in the process of listening and playing with other instruments which involves more time.  As mentioned above, the students get to venture out into boundaries of music where they never could with structured lessons.  Frankly, with JamSessionz, time flies when your having fun!



Q:  What is your policy on payment and missed lessons?


A:  Lessons will be paid monthly in advance, on the first lesson of each month. No payments for individual lessons are accepted. Make-up lessons will be given at no additional charge, provided that 24 hours advance notice is given that a lesson will be missed. If less notice than that is given, provision of a makeup lesson will only be done at the discretion of the instructor and only with an acceptable excuse from the parent or student (e.g. medical emergency or illness). All make-ups are to be completed by the end of the week in which the missed lessons occurred; i.e. there is no continuing obligation on the part of the instructor. Make-up lessons will be given only at times and dates within the instructor's normal lesson schedule or can be arranged at any mutually agreeable time. The lesson is considered to have been given if the student misses the scheduled make-up lesson for any reason. Make-up lessons are limited to two in any given month; they may not be "carried over" from one month to another. There are no refunds for missed lessons.


Q:  What if I miss a lesson due to bad weather or studio closings?


A:  Any lessons due to inclement weather or studio closings can be credited on your next monthly payment.  Any other issues or concerns regarding such, please feel free to call or email and we will do our utmost to accomodate you.


Q:  What size guitar do I need for my new student?


A:  Here is a great website site that sizes according to age, http://www.firstguitar.com/resources/what-size-guitar/  however, if you still need assistance I suggest going to a local guitar retailer such as Sam Ash or Guitar Center and have them recommend a correct size.


Q: Does music lessons really help academic performance?


A: YES! Checkout the link below for the study that proves it (hope the link is still there).




Direct any additional questions to jennifer@jamsessionz.com or randy@jamsessionz.com

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